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Asbestos Testing

MACS Lab does asbestos testing for both Contractors and Homeowners

Services for Contractors and Industry

If you’re looking for accurate, timely asbestos analysis at competitive prices, MACS Lab has what you need. Our accreditations are detailed below. Accreditation requires a detailed quality control program, consistent proficiency testing, and on-site laboratory evaluation by inspectors, assuring that you get accurate results. Our easy-to-read reports meet all requirements of the accrediting bodies. Submit samples here.

PCM analysis of airborne asbestos (NIOSH 7400A)

For the analysis of airborne asbestos and other fibers by Phase Contrast Microscopy, MACS Lab is a PAT-proficient lab. We participate in the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Proficiency Analytical Testing (NIOSH PAT) program to demonstrate laboratory proficiency in NIOSH 7400A fiber counting. Our laboratory remains proficient in the quarterly testing rounds. The PAT program provides independent lab samples that have been quantified by NIOSH. Participating laboratories demonstrate their proficiency by measuring their results against those of NIOSH.

PLM analysis of asbestos in bulk materials

For the analysis of asbestos in bulk materials by Polarized Light Microscopy, MACS Lab is accredited by NVLAP (the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) where we are laboratory #101948. Our current accreditation certificate is here.

Laboratories testing samples for California regulatory purposes must be accredited by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) ELAP program (Health and Safety Code section 100825). MACS Lab is fully accredited for Bulk Asbestos analysis of Hazardous Waste (FOT 121).

TEM analysis of airborne asbestos fibers (Yamate Level II & NIOSH 7402)

Analysis of airborne fibers by Transmission Electron Microscopy can identify just those fibers that are asbestos, making it more likely you will pass your asbestos clearance. MACS Lab uses industry-standard methods for this analysis.

TEM analysis of asbestos in bulk materials

Certain materials, such as vinyl flooring, floor tile, cement, and stucco, can contain asbestos fibers that are too small to be identified by PLM. We specialize in TEM analysis of these materials for the most accurate results.

TEM analysis of asbestos in water

California requires asbestos testing by an accredited lab for many water utilities. MACS Lab is fully accredited for testing asbestos in drinking water (FOT 103).

We also Calibrate Rotometers

Services for Homeowners

When asbestos-containing materials are disturbed, toxic fibers can be released into the air. Inhaled asbestos fibers can cause health issues including cancer and emphysema that can result in death. Keep your family safe and find out before you disturb the material. We can help.

Wondering if that “popcorn” ceiling has asbestos? (For soil testing, click here.) The first step is to take a representative sample of the ceiling texture material in an inconspicuous location. If the ceiling was all installed at the same time and never repaired, then you can take a single sample. If you are not sure, examine the ceiling. Any areas that don’t look uniform should be separately sampled, especially since ceiling texture is hand-mixed and often not completely homogeneous.

For each sample, scrape off about one tablespoon of material and place it in a zip-lock type bag. Put each sample into a separate bag for separate testing. Mark each bag to record where in the building it was taken. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: When asbestos is disturbed, hazardous fibers can be released into the air. To minimize the hazard, use a water mister spray bottle to dampen the area with plain water before you take the sample. Let the sample dry again before sending it to us. If you are unsure about where to take samples, or how to take them safely, we suggest you hire a certified asbestos consultant to inspect the ceiling and take the samples.

Download our Chain of Custody form and fill out the highlighted fields and any other relevant information. The analysis costs $35.00 per sample. When you are ready, click here for instructions on submitting your samples.

Results are usually sent in two business days. (You can order the results within 4 hours of receipt for an additional charge.) Your report will clearly say “Yes” or “No” as to whether asbestos is present in the sample. For additional help interpreting your results, please see our FAQ.

Again, if you are not confident of your ability to safely take a proper sample, we recommend a professional inspection.